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Frequently Asked Questions

We give customers a printed copy of the warranty conditions along with the care instructions for all of our products at time of completion or upon request.

How long is the warranty on your products and services?

  • All acrylic products carry limited life-time warranty
  • Whirlpool conversions carry a 4-year warranty (manufacturer warranty of 2 years on motor)
  • Reglazing 4-year warranty for residential, 2-year for commercial

How long does it generally take to complete a bathroom remodel?

This would depend upon the scope of the project and materials needed. Most projects can take anywhere from one day to ten days once all materials are in.

Do I need to be home for the duration of the project?

We are fully bonded and insured. We do request that if you are gone for long periods of time, that we have a contact number in case there are questions that you may need to answer.

Do you have a showroom?

For your convenience, we personalize our service by bringing our showroom to you. We can then consult with you on colors, style and sizes to customize your bath to each customer's specifications.

Will you install just an acrylic tub liner?

Yes, we can install just an acrylic tub liner as long as your walls are in good shape and do not need repair.

Will refinishing cause any damage or harm to my home or pets?

Definitely not. Any odors from chemicals are non-toxic and are exhausted by windows or fans and gone within a few hours, and our technicians take great care in covering and protecting the rest of your bathroom and home.

What should I do to prepare the fixture for refinishing?

Repair or replace any plumbing problems (leaking faucets, broken handles, pipes) and remove any hardware such as shower doors and tracks which are directly connected to the tub.

Once this process is done, does it require special care or cleaning materials or can a single chip or scratch be repaired?

Your new finish should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner. Abrasives are capable of damaging even the most durable surfaces. Yes, this process allows for small repairs to be made.

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