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Bathtub Refinishing & Repair in Waukesha, Milwaukee WI

We’ll give your old fixture new life by ridding it of unsightly stains, scratches and chips, giving it a totally new appearance. We have been refinishing bathtubs, sinks, tile, fiberglass units and countertops for over 25 years! Thanks to state-of-the-art restoration solutions, now there is no need to tear out plumbing, rip up floors or damage walls to replace bath fixtures.

Bathtub Refinishing

This is an inexpensive way to make your old fixture look great and we offer a variety of colors! We use an acrylic urethane system that allows compounds to fuse themselves onto the originial surface through molecular bonding action, giving the surface a strong, durable, lustrous finish that is fully guaranteed. We can also complement your new surface with a slip resistant bottom and a new drain/overflow to complete your bathtub’s “new look.” This process to refinish a bathtub takes 2-3 hours and requires just 48 hours to cure.

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Stone-Flecks Countertop or Tile Refinishing

Anyone who wants the natural look and beauty of a stone finish can refinish their counter-tops and/or tile without the cost of using granite or stone! This nonporous finish is highly resistant to acids and stains, plus you’ll never need to recondition or seal with Stone-Flecks -- unlike real stone surfaces. Stone-Flecks retains its natural luster and is simply cleaned with soap and water. With a dazzling array of decorator colors to choose from and the ability to quickly apply Stone-Flecks, few other materials offer such exceptional savings!

Ceramic Tile
Stone-Flecks on tile helps eliminate the likelihood of mold & bacterial growth, making the surface safer for your family and guests. Because it’s waterproof, you no longer have to worry about regrouting  your ceramic tile, making the Stone-Flecks the best choice for a maintenance free, easy to clean finish.


You can “buy” many more years of service from your existing countertops at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Stone-Flecks forms a tough durable finish that provides superior protection against the impacts and abrasions that can shorten the life span of traditional laminate surfaces.

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* Note: Mesa Stone is discontinued

Fiberglass Repairs

Many one-piece fiberglass tub/shower units are built into the structural framing of the walls, making them very difficult to remove. But now you don’t have to. Most fiberglass damage can be repaired without tearing out, moving or replacing.  

Fiberglass can become dull after only a few years, and worse yet can develop unsightly stress cracks or even structural cracks resulting in water leaks.  Whether it's a chip, gouge or a hole, we an professionally repair the area in a few hours without a lot of fuss and mess!

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