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Whirlpool Conversions

Soak away the stress of the day with your hydrotherapeutic whirlpool. Let The Tub Doctors prescribe the luxury of a whirlpool tub without removing your existing tub. Using all UL listed components, we will convert your existing tub into a quiet, luxurious whirlpool with no construction mess in approximately half a day.

Since this is a conversion instead of a total replacement, you don’t need a heater as long as your hot water heater fills up your existing tub with hot water. This is not a drop-in, portable unit that merely agitates the water or makes bubbles. It is a real whirlpool with hydrotherapeutic action, just like the expensive factory units, with up to four- to six-jet option.

Since we are using your existing bathtub, no piping or walls need to be torn out. No major construction is required. You are spared the mess and inconvenience of a lengthy construction project.

  • All work done in your home
  • 1/2 day installation for any type of tub:  cast iron, steel or fiberglass
  • Fully adjustable high-flow jets
  • On/off control and silent air volume control
  • UL listed components
  • 4-Year warranty (2-year manufacturer warranty on pump and motor)
  • Quiet with hydrotherapeutic action
  • Increases your property value

    The perfect prescription for arthritis, bursitis, tense muscles & stress!